Here is some of my recent work

About my event photography

I primarily specialise in concert photography; however, I have also captured many other types of events such as confirmations, meet-ups, birthdays, night-clubs, school events and many others. I always try to capture the atmosphere of the event. I strive to make images that draw the viewers attention and make it feel like they are at the event. Images are much more than “just pictures”, they are memories. I often try to isolate the subject in a way as to not distract the viewer with unimportant “stuff”.

Here are two images from Nyborg Gymnasium. On the left image: the comedian Uffe Holm during a talk about mobiles and their effect on young people. Here I was tasked with capturing images of the students’ reactions to the main points and their accompanying punchlines. On the right image: a student is racing his class’ soapbox car. They unfortunately didn’t win; but if you ask me, they won on style points. I love doing events like these - they allow me to communicate with the subjects and create a connection through the images. I feel as if these events often result in the best images since people are present and attentive.


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