I love shooting portraits

Portraiture is fascinating because it tells us about the subject, it captures the personality of the person or group. Portraits also serve as important documentation about the ages they were taken in. Portraits can be aesthetically pleasing or brutally honest. Those are some of the reasons why portraiture might be my favourite branch of photography.

Here is some of my recent portraiture work

Inspired by analogue photography

Besides portrait photography, I have a passion for analogue photography: the rawness and boldness of the analogue medium has heavily inspired the way I shoot digital imagery today. I always strive to achieve a realistic look; avoiding any kind of HDR look or other overly processed images. I thought I would also showcase two of my most recent analogue shots. To the left: A self portrait inspired by Vivian Maier, perhaps the goddess of self-portraiture. She would often stroll around the city and capture images of herself in mirrors, windows, and other reflective surfaces.

To the right: A shot of an unidentified person at a local recreational area called Volden. Volden is an old rampart defending Nyborg Castle. I like how this image could have been taken 70 years ago or yesterday. For me, the purpose of photography is to capture timeless memories; it does not matter when they were taken; it is all about the story they tell. I like to imagine that this person is on a journey to retrieve something lost. Perhaps the person is going to see a long-lost friend, a loved one, or maybe the person is looking for something trivial, such as their keys.


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Nyborg, DK 5800